Keys For Successful Pharmacy Technicians

May 29, 2018

Keys For Successful Pharmacy Technicians

While many personality traits and behaviors seem to occur naturally, with a little effort anyone can cultivate successful business behaviors. The list below contains a few valuable skills and behaviors you can practice, ensuring success as a Pharmacy Technician.

Good Communication Skills:  Pharmacy Technicians need strong communication skills, both written and verbal. It is especially important to practice active listening. Pay full attention to what the patient or customer is saying and take time to ask clarifying questions.


Attention to Detail:  Being alert and organized are important qualities for Pharmacy Technicians. Since you will be managing sensitive data, such as a patient’s personal, prescription and insurance information, a strong attention to detail and accuracy is a key characteristic of successful Pharmacy Technicians.


Integrity:  Exhibiting honest and ethical behavior is another important practice for Pharmacy Technicians. The first thing to consider will always be ensuring the safety and health of the patient. The American Association of Pharmacy Technicians maintains a Code of Ethics for Pharmacy Technicians that outlines the ethical standards for this profession.


Adaptability and Flexibility:  Since Pharmacy Technicians may be working in a range of environments including hospitals, retail pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies and with a variety of people (patients, customers, pharmacists and co-workers), it is important to be adaptable and flexible. Due to the number of variables in the typical workday of a Pharmacy Technician, it is essential to act calmly during the occasional stressful situation.


Customer Service Mentality:  As a Pharmacy Technician in both retail and hospital pharmacy settings, you will need to interact with patients and customers. Displaying a helpful and courteous attitude and a friendly smile is important.  It will show people that you care and are there to help.


Empathy:  In your role as a Pharmacy Technician, you may be assisting people who are ill or in pain. Practicing kindness, patience, compassion and composure will make people feel at ease and project an air of professionalism. It will also instill a sense of trust and appreciation from patients.


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