The Secret To Success with Resumes

Résumés are like politics and religion; everyone has an opinion. Recently I helped an individual prepare a résumé that resulted in two job interviews in one week. She had been job searching for months with no success, but after she made just a few modifications she was getting more interviews than she could handle. I want to discuss the things you can do differently to maximize your résumé and help you be the one who is beating back recruiters with a stick. We are going to look at things like formatting. I’ll give you a few points on tailoring your résumé. Then we will wrap up with tips on how to help your résumé really stand out. Read More...

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What Financial Literacy Month Means to You

Tax time. Nobody enjoys it very much, especially when you end up owing the IRS. Still, it makes April the perfect month to train our minds on becoming more financially savvy. Perhaps this is why April is specifically set aside as Financial Literacy Month. The aim is to teach us all to be more financially responsible and “achieve financial wellness.” At Career College of Northern Nevada, we fully support the idea of learning more about getting the most out of your finances and avoiding unnecessary debt. It’s one of the reasons an education at CCNN is so affordable compared with a conventional university setting, which can often saddle students with the lifetime burden of never-ending debt. Whether you’re studying welding and fabrication, Information Technology, medical assisting, HVAC or any number of other degrees, CCNN aims to make your studies affordable so you can graduate with confidence that the money you earn in your new career stays in your pocket. If you are considering a new career and if CCNN is on your radar, it pays to look at the big picture as you make your decision. Read More...

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Keys For Successful Pharmacy Technicians

While many personality traits and behaviors seem to occur naturally, with a little effort anyone can cultivate successful business behaviors. The list below contains a few valuable skills and behaviors you can practice, ensuring success as a Pharmacy Technician. Read More...

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Welding: A Career with a Long History

The practice of welding can be traced back to ancient times. Some of the earliest examples of welding are gold boxes and ornaments from the Bronze and Iron Ages. Egyptians utilized a form of welding to create their iron tools. In India, the Iron Pillar of Delhi was created around 310 AD utilizing then-current welding techniques. The specific composition of metals in the pillar has rendered it rust-resistant and it still stands today as a great example of the welders’ skill and craftsmanship. Learn how CCNN can help you get started in a fantastic welding career! Read More...

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Career Options for Pharmacy Technicians

Career Options for Pharmacy Technicians According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for pharmacy technicians is projected to grow 12 percent from 2016 to 2026. This rate is faster than the average for all occupations. As the population ages, the demand for pharmacy technicians will continue to grow. As a pharmacy technician, you will work under the direction of a pharmacist. You will be the liaison between customers and the pharmacists. In this role you may also maintain inventory, measure, mix, count and label medications according to the prescription orders. Read More...

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Successful Habits You Need to Develop, Part 2

More successful habits to employ for your future! Read part 1 nowPrioritize Self-CareDiet, sleep and exercise are your friends. A healthy body stimulates a healthy mind, so one of the best things you can to for yourself (and for achieving the success you crave) is to make self-care a priority habit. Meal-prepping can be extremely […]

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Successful Habits You Need to Develop, Part 1

Achieving success is a process. It takes work. While education and resources are vitally important for success, they don’t guarantee it. What every professional can do to boost their chances of career success is, firstly, to develop habits of successful people. And secondly, to start early. Start your education early, start setting goals early, and […]

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CCNN Graduate Spotlight: Karen Gonzalez, Dow Chemical

Today, Karen Gonzalez is a Site Infrastructure Activities Coordinator for Dow AgroSciences (part of the Down Chemical Company) in Pittsburg, Calif. But just a few short years ago, she was a young mother with a 40-hour a week job and a full course load at Career College of Northern Nevada. It took serious dedication to take her dreams from the incubation stage to reality. How Karen made the transition from aspiring business student to successful entrepreneur and Dow employee is an inspiring one. Read more...

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