The Duties of a Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technicians work in both large and small companies. In smaller companies, the role is more generalized. The tech may be required to fulfill all maintenance issues as they arise. In larger companies, the role of a Maintenance Technician can be more specialized, limiting your work to specifically work in areas such as: instrumentation, facilities, […]

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What is a Manufacturing Maintenance Technician?

A Maintenance Technician within a manufacturing company will be tasked with routine maintenance of manufacturing equipment as well as helping to troubleshoot when issues arise. As in most industrial environments, maintenance is a key feature of the company. The maintenance team will be involved in routine maintenance procedures as well as helping to troubleshoot issues should they happen with […]

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CCNN Welding and Fabrication Students to Compete in Skills USA Contest

There’s nothing more empowering than putting the skills you’ve spent countless hours studying to practical use. Add a little competition into the mix and it’s even more rewarding. That’s exactly what a pair of Career College of Northern Nevada welding students will experience this April when a state-wide version of the Skills USA welding competition comes to Reno. Between April 3-7, CCNN welding and fabrication students Draden Mitchell and Wade Grunstead will have their welding knowledge and skills put to the test during the event, which will be held at Truckee Meadows Community College, Western Nevada College and the Silver Legacy Resort Casino in downtown Reno. The competition covers three main areas: an interview portion, a written welding test and a practical welding test over the course of four days. Read More...

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3 Traits of a Good HVAC Technician

A career as a heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC) technician is a great decision with many benefits. However, it takes a someone with specific traits to become an HVAC mechanic. Here are 3 core traits of a HVAC Technician:High Safety StandardsA HVAC Technician needs to be aware that he holds the safety of himself and others in his […]

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Financial Literacy For Anyone Looking To Go Back To School

Financial Literacy For Anyone Looking To Go Back To School Discover the 5 stages for going back to school and becoming successful in your career. Read More...

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How to Make the Most of Your CCNN Experience

How to Make the Most of Your CCNN Experience Welcome to a new quarter! Whether you’re a soon-to-be graduate or a brand-new student, the first day of school – aside from being a bit nerve-racking – is the ideal opportunity to start fresh. And what better place to do that than Career College of Northern Nevada? At CCNN, we make it a priority to provide our students with the supportive environment they need to not only accomplish their goals, but to continue to excel well into the future. While many of our returning students may know the ropes, we’d like to take this time to introduce those of you just starting out to some tried and true tips to successfully navigating the path toward academic success, while also making the most of your CCNN experience. Read More!

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7-Step Student Survival Guide to Career College Success

7-Step Student Survival Guide to Career College Success When you picture the first day of school, what do you see? For many, starting a new school year conjures a feeling of nervous anticipation that sometimes borders on downright panic. Fortunately, that’s not the case at Career College of Northern Nevada, where we support our students from start to finish and every step in between. For more than 30 years, Career College of Northern Nevada has been successfully guiding students from their first, uncertain days all the way through graduation and entry into a promising career. So, for those of you just kicking off your time at CCNN, we’ve compiled this quick survival guide to put you on the path to academic success. In fact, this might be better called a guide to thriving, not just surviving. Read More...

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As Careers in HVAC Boom, Get Ahead of the Game at CCNN

As Careers in HVAC Boom, Get Ahead of the Game at CCNN! What’s a career that’s recession-proof, constantly in demand and exploding with new opportunities with each passing year? No, this isn’t a riddle. The simple answer is that the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry is – pardon the pun – heating up for those with the proper skills and training. The numbers tell a story of staggering growth. HVAC is now an $88 billion global industry, and it has seen an annual growth rate nearing 5 percent a year for each of the past five years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 300,000 Americans work in HVAC/R service technician jobs alone. There’s hardly a place in the world that doesn’t need installation and regular maintenance of heating or air conditioning units. And, as the technology surrounding the HVAC industry becomes more complex, those with proper certification and understanding of this technology will be in the driver’s seat for a successful career. Read More!

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